September 10th, 2002


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Sitting here thinking back on the time at O'Hare Airport when I had to throw a perfectly good Swiss Army knife in the trash because I forgot to take it out of my carryon bag and put it in my suitcase. I chronicled the incident in my cartoon diary of the trip here (it was my trip to Midwest FurFest 2001).

I started thinking about it again because someone on IRC asked me about CTX screening. I know next to nothing about CTX; I was surprised with it on my way back from Mephit FurMeet. Is CTX nationwide? Mandatory for all travelers? 'Cos it apparently ruins film, and I like to take a lot of photos. And how much farther will this go? Am I going to show up at the airport one day and have all my luggage confiscated and destroyed, while being told I should have FedExed all my clothes and stuff to my destination instead?

I'm especially bitter about the fact that when they took my knife, they had no way to get it back to me. They could've put it in a box and stowed it in the baggage compartment, or they could've asked me my address and mailed it to me... but nooo! The only option available to me was to get rid of it. The airport legally extorted my knife away from me.

Maybe I should send John Ashcroft a bill for it... the replacement knife was $40, maybe I should demand that...
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