August 27th, 2002


A Waste Of Moneyyyyy

Recently Mom bought a thingy that sounded like a really good idea: Ice Tubes. It's like an ice cube tray, but the cells are long tubes instead of cubes (if you can call the weird truncated pyramids with rounded edges that most ice cube trays shape ice into, "cubes"). The idea is, you freeze water into long thin tubes of ice. Then you put the ice tubes into an empty Aquafina or Dasani bottle or whatever your favorite brand of bottled water is. Then you refill the bottle with water, and you get to take a bottle of refreshing ice water with you when you go out.

The problem is, the damn thing is a lot more trouble than it's worth. There's this plastic blue sheet of caps that snap onto the bottom of the tubes, so you can pull it off and push the ice out from the bottom end. But the thing is an absolute PAIN to get off! It hurt my fingers! Then you have to run the whole thing under warm water to loosen the ice enough to get it out, then you dump the ice into a plastic bag. If you can do this without losing any ice into the sink, bravo.

Then, after running the thing under warm water, the ice that comes out is half-melted, so you can't even use it for about three hours.

I'm about to go out and run some errands, so I got Mom to help me get the ice out. We went through the ordeal described above. Then I put some of the half-melted tubes in this Deja Blue bottle I've got, because I can't wait three freakin' hours to go run my errands! The ice is melted already, and I'm about to hit the town toting a bottle of lukewarm tap water. I might as well not have bothered!
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