August 25th, 2002


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I think I'm starting to like the look of the New Volkswagen Beetle.

But it's definitely not the same thing as the Classic Beetle!

I've been playing a game where whenever I see a New Beetle, I call out "Blue lump!" or whatever color it is. I got the idea one day when I saw a New Beetle painted with a flame design. Now, flames make sense on sleek swept-back racing-y looking cars, but this just looked like a FLAMING LUMP!

I wasn't very impressed with the New Beetle when it first came out. I thought of it as looking like it was designed by someone who heard a brief description of the Classic Beetle over the phone.

Since playing the game, I've been looking at a lot of New Beetles, and I'm starting to appreciate their intrinsic style.

But still, the New and Classic versions are definitely products of different eras, with different sets of values and ideals and all that hoo-hah.

[looks out the window]
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