August 13th, 2002


Why hasn't KT done any drawing lately?

Oh, a combination of things... I had an upset stomach, and I had trouble digesting just about anything for a week, so I was living on toast and soup and not really in the mood to do anything creative... I eventually got over that and got my appetite back, but then I became obsessed with a Lego project: I built a Lego fox some time ago, then recently I bought a display case for it so it wouldn't get dusty, but the display case was designed for a football, with cups in the middles of the top and bottom for holding the corners of the football, so I needed to build a platform up around the bottom cup, and then I spent a few days designing a nice artistic pedestal for the fox... well hey, that was a creative endeavor! I think I'll photograph the foxie on his pedestal and put it up somewhere on my website soon.

Anyway, I've got a lot of unfinished drawing projects lying around, and now I intend to get back in the habit of drawing, and finish them! Starting with the rest of the Anthrocon 2002 diary.
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