August 6th, 2002


Proof that the masturbation test doesn't work!

probability that kinkyturtle has masturbated today:16%
kinkyturtle's lucky number is:2
kinkyturtle is most like the color #ca01e5:
by James

16%?! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Dey don't know me vewy weww, do dey?

Also, 2's not me lucky number, 2's the name of me favrite ranting gryphon.

Plus, that color dunlook anything like green!
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Ever wonder why so many prices end in .99?

Here's why.

I've always been annoyed by prices of the form $**.99... my attitude's been, "Who are you trying to fool?"

"Buy this! It only costs 19 dollars! And, uhh... nineyninesensss." "So basically, 20 dollars." "No! 19! Andumninnyninnssss..."

When I order stuff from catalogs where the prices are all $something.99 (which is, like, every catalog in existence), I use a special notation to make computing the prices easier: I express, say, $19.99 as "20-01", which means 20 dollars minus 1 cent. Thus, suppose I have to add $24.99 and $39.99... the math is much easier this way:
+ 40-01

...which is $64.98. Ta-daaa!
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