July 22nd, 2002


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HM, think le try thees spell check feature 'PIN the LBJ pastie thing. This post were oregano-ly rited up mit everything splat all funnier Luke. Lessee how it all cometh out!

(Update: Tuh! It makes ME do all the werk. Brought up a page with all the misspelt words in red & a list of suggestions below, & made me do the editing. Which I did, above, simply replacing each word with the first suggestion on each list.)

(Actually I s'pose that's the smart way to do it. Puts me in complete control!)

Here's how it'd look if I instead used the silliest suggestion on each list:

HMO, winkle try thees spell cheeky Deerdre 'pron (or 'pol or 'pot) the DJ posies thigh. This post were oregano-ly writhed up mit overeating smelt all Bunnie Dyke. Lessee how it all cometh out!
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