July 8th, 2002


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Ooop! Had all day to write this but neglected to till now.

Yesterday (being Saturday in this case) I went to another furry party/potluck at Sparrow's house in Austin! This time, instead of showing disgusting horror movies, he showed cute innocent cartoons! First we watched a tape of Hashimoto cartoons (Hashimoto is honorable housemouse from old Terrytoons. Sayonara.), James Hound cartoons (a canine secret agent, also by Terrytoons), then some animated Beatrix Potter tales (with very nice animation done in the style of Potter's illustrations), and finally the animated feature "The Mouse and his Child".

When I headed out driving towards Austin, I found myself rather fatigued and cranky... I considered calling to cancel, and returning home. But then when I stopped to go to the bathroom, I figured maybe I just needed caffeine, so I got a Dr Pepper. That did the trick! I drove merrily on, stopping at the HEB Pantry near Sparrow's house for some snacks.

The drive home was very late at night, and I knew for sure I'd need caffeine for it. So I fueled myself with a Mt. Dew at Sparrow's, and a Dr Pepper while on the road. When I got home I was exhausted! I IRCed and read mail for a bit, then went to bed.
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