June 26th, 2002


I feel fine!

Shoulda posted this a while ago. I'm feelin' fine since my trip to the doctor! nonethewiser posted a "get well" thingy on her LJ what mentioned me, but anyway yeah I'm doin' fine! Thankoes for the thinkoes tho. :}
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Saw Lilo & Stitch yesterday!

It was fun! Some critics don't like it because Stitch is creepy and disturbing at first, but I see it as a parody of ET-type movies... instead of "lovable alien befriends lovable child", it's "creepy alien created for destructive purposes pretends to befriend weird child"... and then of course ends up befriending her for real and giving up destruction. Also involves aliens, Elvis, a big Ving Rhames-voiced social worker named Cobra Bubbles, and of course... Hawaii stuff! Firedancing, surfing, palm trees, sand, an' whatnot!

When I arrived at the multiplex building, it was just starting to sprinkle. A few minutes after I got inside, it started pouring buckets! Made it just in time!

Trailers I saw: Spy Kids, Stuart Little 2 (trailer fulla Hollywood-dreck dialogue), Country Bears (trailer absolutely running over with Hollywood dreck), The Wild Thornberrys Movie, and I forget what else.

When the movie was over, a new version of "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" by some band called A*Teens played over the credits. Made me want to go home and play the UB40 version. (I forgot to, though. Maybe I'll play it tonight.)

Today, I went to lunch with Mom & her friend Glenn (former coworker with whom she stays in touch). It started raining as we walked out to Glenn's van, and it was coming down hard when we got to Escalante's (a Mexican restaurant). Mom didn't have an umbrella and got all wet!

Tonight I'm going out to dinner so I won't get in the way of Mom's discussion group that she's having over. Maybe I'll go to China Stix. I was gonna go to Goode Company Seafood, but after Escalante's, I'm not that hungry anymore.
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Oh, and apparently some critics don't like Lilo & Stitch because the animation is a bit stylized, or not bleeding-edge hyperrealistic CGI, or some such nonsense, according to yakkette's post here. Tuh! The animation in Lilo & Stitch is fine!
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Back from dinner!

I went to China Stix and had the shrimp with fresh veggies combo! (comes with soup (won ton for me), rice (fried in my case (er, not that they put the rice in my case and fried it there)), cheese puff (of which I ate only the fried dough shell), & spring roll. Also I had a Mt. Dew. (Burned my tongue a bit on the won ton soup, erf.) Then I went over to Marble Slab Creamery for a scoop of strawberry ice cream... in a waffle bowl! That's like a waffle cone, but bowl-shaped! Neat, innit? 'Course, they put the waffle bowl in a plastic bowl, so if it cracks in half, ya won't leak your ice cream all over the table.

Then, since I needed deodorant and Sprite (two great tastes that taste great together!), I drove over to Kroger and bought some. Also I got some cookies, oyster crackers, and cereal to snack on. Drove home and had to park in front of the neighbor's house 'cause of all the cars in front of our house. Left the groceries in the front room. (Nothing perishable, fortunately.) After Mom's discussion group has left, I'll go out and move my car and put the groceries away.

Right now, it's time for... Dada!

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