June 24th, 2002


Went to the doctor today...

...told him about all the kidneystones I've been passing during the last week. I've had five kidneystones, by my count, and managed to capture three of them; two of those were HUGE! The doctor measured the stones I brought in and found them to be 1, 3 and 5 millimeters in diameter. ("In diameter," he says, as though they were nice and spherical. Instead they were rough and lumpy! No fun passing those monsters, it was. No fun at all. But I take heart in the fact that the 1-mm stone was the last one I passed. Hopefully it'll be the last one of ALL. (Actually, I think I got another one on the way, but it must be small too, because it's hardly causing me any discomfort at all.)

So anyway I'm now waiting on the results, to find out what the stones are made of and what I need to give up or cut back on. Of course, I already know I need more water and exercise.

Lousy razzafrackin' stones... my goal is to never have any more again, or at least to never have any during a trip again. No fun going to a furry con and losing a whole day to a damn kidneystone.
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