June 11th, 2002


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Oh joy of joys! I recently caught STOMACH FLU.

All Saturday night, I threw up. Collapse )

Monday, Mom made a doctor's appointment for me. I was still exhausted when I woke up, and she told me my appointment was at 3:00, and she'd be back home by 1:00 or 1:30 to take me there. I was so out-of-it I thought she said the appointment was at 1:00! When 1:00 rolled around and she wasn't back yet, I thought she wanted me to go to the doctor's by myself. I was barely fit to drive. The doctor diagnosed me with gastroenteritis, and gave me a prescription for some Cipro pills and told me to sip ginger ale, or diluted Gatorade, to replenish my sodium and potassium. So I drove home, met Mom (who wondered where I was!) and gave her the prescription and asked her to buy me some Gatorade. I sipped Gatorade and ate very little; just some toast.

Today, I woke up and Mom told me it was stomach flu, because she'd caught it too! She's been vomiting. But I'm starting to feel better. I was burping a lot this morning, but by noon I started actually feeling hungry!

I hope I'm back to normal before Saturday, 'cause some local furs and I are having a furry party at ConSortium, an SF convention here in town.
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