June 5th, 2002


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I called Binswanger today! They're going to send a guy out tomorrow morning to replace the broken window in my car! Hopefully with one that isn't broken. Yeah, I know, "Binswanger" is a funny name. But if they can fix my window, I wouldn't care if they called themselves Dickitypeenis! If they can open up the front door, clean out the broken glass, and put in a new window the same size and shape as the old one, and put the door back together again, so that I can use the crank inside the door to make the new window go up and down the same way as the old one, then I will hold my head high and confidently tell my friends, "I had my window replaced by Dickitypeenis!" Then I'll collapse in a fit of giggles because that would be a very silly name for a company indeed.

The other funny thing is that Dickity-- er, I mean Binswanger -- quoted me a price of about $148 to do this work. That's about a tenth of the massive $1500 check State Farm gave me yesterday! But then State Farm probably just assumed I'm one of those guys who wants the whole thing fixed up and repainted so it looks good as new so as not to hurt the resale value when I decide to trade the thing in on some bigger, flashier model. Pfft, I am so not. I'll most likely just get some touchup paint to put over the scratches, as I've said before.
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