May 26th, 2002


Caution: This journal entry mentions disgusting things

Okay, so I stepped outside and got into my car today, and only then did I notice the huge ugly whitish stain on my car! It was the color of bird poop, but from the sheer size of the stain, I figured a giant roc like the one in that Sinbad movie must have flown overhead! Either that or a bird exploded! I got out of the car and examined the mess more closely, and noticed fragments of eggshell stuck to it. Aha. I park under a tree, for the shade, and an egg must have fallen out of a nest.

So anyway, I drove off without cleaning the windshield, figuring I'd pull in at a gas station and use the free squeegee they have there to clean off the windshield.

But first I wanted to buy a copy of Janis Joplin's "Cheap Thrills" album (the one with the comic-art cover drawn by Robert Crumb). My main reason for buying this album was to compare the cover art to today's "Mutts" comic strip, which parodies it.

After I got the album, I suddenly remembered something else I've been wanting to shop for: car cleaning supplies! I looked first at Kroger's, but they didn't really have anything for cars. So I went to Target, and bought a bottle of car cleaning fluid and a big bone-shaped sponge. Never mind the gas station! I figured I'd clean my car myself when I got home.

Except that I'm home now, and it's raining heavily! Hmm, maybe it will clean the egg off my car. I'm glad I didn't park under the tree this time.
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