May 23rd, 2002


Demonstrating that one can type whatever one wants into one's LJ

Yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped yig-ped.
Minkle moop, nof ne zooch! Yinkle yoop, yop de tooch.

Mulligan. Flanagan. Bennigan. Come again?
Last time I went to Bennigan's, I ordered fried mushrooms and got these huge balls of fried breading with mushrooms hidden in somewhere inside.


The fried mushrooms at Red Severed Hand are good though.
Did I say severed hand? I meant lobster. Damn I suck! Oh well, never mind, shorty.
Bee broop da ying nick blop ne farp.

Iiii wanna be... cooonsequence-free! Just sing:
Naaaa na na nana-de-a-a naaaa!
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    Great Big Sea - Consequence Free