May 19th, 2002


Furry party/potluck I went to today

Went to a furry party today!
Spent 3 hours driving 162 miles from Houston to Austin, went to the house of a fur named Sparrow (he's a rabbit). Brought food! Cheetos, pretzels, Pepperidge Fahm cookies, Reese's PB cups, and Dr Pepper.

We saw:
Episode 1 of "Greg the Bunny"

An anime called "Spring and Chaos", the story of a real-life Japanese poet in which all the characters are cats

A Monty Python skit on a tape that I brought: "The Mouse Problem", which can be viewed as a prescient parody of that Vanity Fair article or that MTV special or any other sensationalistic furry "exposé"!

A low-budget horror rip-off from Italy called "Creatures From The Abyss", featuring blood, gore, slime, and what's gotta be the swankiest oceanographic research vessel ever built!

Peter Jackson's first film, "Bad Taste", a film that is gory and deee-sgusting but also funny, and has a weird car in it where the driver sits up high and sees out a window mounted on the roof, and there are cutouts of the Beatles in their Sgt. Pepper outfits looking out the regular windshield!

Most of the rest of my Monty Python tape

Then I spent another three hours driving back home. Got pulled over for speeding, pfaugh!
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Oh yeah, something I noticed on the way to Austin:

While driving through Giddings, TX, I found myself at a stoplight behind a black SUV with the word "QUEER!" written in the dust on the rear windshield. So, apparently anyone who happens to find themselves behind this guy in traffic is automatically queer. Weird.
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