April 28th, 2002


Like a rollin' stone

Ooog! I had another kidneystone today. I seem to be susceptible to those damn things. My last two kidneystones have been documented in cartoon form because they occurred during Midwest FurFest and the Nakko trip (the trip I took helping Nakko move to San Diego). This time I was at a number of advantages, though: unlike MFF, I'm not currently at a con, worrying about missing any events, and unlike in San Diego, I've got painkillers! Yaay! Specifically the hydrocodone pills I got at the hospital during MFF. So my afternoon today has consisted of drinking lots of water, walking around (it helps to keep active, to work the stone down the tube), and repeated trips to the can. The stone is out now and I'm... hmm, I think I'm starting to feel drowsy from the pills. Better not operate any heavy machinery. I hope this computer doesn't count... it's kind of heavy... oh, but the only part I have to lift is the mouse, which is pretty light. So that's good. Maybe after I get caught up on reading mail I'll take a nap.
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Oh yeah so anyway I was going to elaborate on the differences between the kidneystone attacks at MFF and Fu's (Fu being the guy Nakko moved in with)... At MFF I had the hotel call an ambulance, and the doctors drugged me up with morphine and gave me a CAT scan (which was totally unnecessary and freakin' expensive, sheesh... I wish I'd told them to skip it)... whereas at Fu's I passed the stone without benefit of doctors, pills, or indeed anything more than several glasses of water. I no longer fear kidneystones. I mean, I still hate them and they still hurt, but I'm not gonna panic over them like I did at MFF.

Oh and speaking of operating heavy machinery, I just remembered that I was supposed to move my car today... the folks across the street had a garage sale yesterday, and when I came home from the NOW meeting Mom and I went to, there were two cars parked in front of our house, so I had to park in front of the next-door neighbor's house.
Well, I guess I better wait for the hydrocodone to wear off before I move the car. Mmmm... starting to feel a bit loopy and fuzzy...
Loopy and Fuzzy! Great idea for a cartoon show title! Follow the adventures of Loopy the Wolf and Fuzzy the Fox as they, uhh... steal meeces or hate pic-a-nic baskets to pieces or something.
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