April 23rd, 2002


KT, why haven't you been updating your LJ?

Why? 'Cause not much has been happenin', that's why. Today was my idea of an exciting day, consisting of: mailing some checks (to pay off my student loans, and to pay for the Skunkworks stuff I ordered), going to Whataburger for lunch, sitting at Whataburger for a while to start on a cartoon I just had an idea for (in which KT sings his version of "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" by Cake), getting my car washed, and stopping at Toys 'R' Us to buy something made of Legos (in this case an Imperial AT-ST Walker driven by Chewbacca).

Oooo, something exciting and bonechilling happened just now, tho: I went to the bathroom (no wait, there's more)... and after wiping my face, as I put the towel back on the rod, I thought I noticed a brown spot on one side... I lifted the end of the towel, and saw... guess what... a ROACH clinging to the towel! It had been there while I wiped my face with it! Ack! Argh! As Muhammad Ali once said, "I don't want you wipin' wit' roaches!"

So I went back to my room, put shoes on, grabbed a flyswatter, and returned to the bathroom. (You can kill a roach with a flyswatter if you swing it hard enough. Also helps if it's the kind with a metal wire handle, not the flimsy plastic kind.) It managed to escape tho'. But if it dare come back it WILL die. Me vow this!
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