April 20th, 2002


Testing, testing

Hmm, just as a test, I'm going to see if HTML character codes work & should be an ampersand, après should be French for after, crème brulée should be a delicious French dessert, and Blücher should be that creepy lady from "Young Frankenstein" whose name makes the horses whinny.

Update: Yaay it works!
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The look

There! Just spent a few minutes playing around with the look of me LiveJournal entries. I settled on the default layout scheme, drenched in "Leprechaun" color scheme. Waaay too much green, but hey, I like bein' weird! (Just wish LJ made it a bit easier to see what these schemes look like before you apply 'em. I kept having to go back and forth: Save Changes, go to my page, hit Reload, hit Back twice, repeat until satisfied or sick of hitting stuff.)

Anyway, I just scanned & edited pages 35-36 of the Further Confusion diary. Now to go write HTML for 'em!
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