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musical meem

musical baton handed off to me by kit_ping

1. Total amount of music files on your computer?

Well, the total amount of sound files of any kind on my computer is 19.5 GB, but they're in a perpetual state of not-completely-sorted-ness.
The music files I have that are alphabetized by artist total 13.3 GB, and the songs and comedy bits in miscellaneous genres total 4.19 GB.

2. The last CDs you bought were...

The B-52's - Anthology
Several Heather Alexander and Uffington Horse albums at Further Confusion
Oh, and some mp3-only TMBG albums: The Spine Surfs Alone and They Got Lost

3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?

DJ T3PO vs. the Beatles - Martha My Dear (Prison Living Version). No idea where I got that. It's not very good, either. The best Beatles mashup I've heard is "Beatles Mashup Medley" by Hank Handy (plug plug).

4. Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

These are all in the "often listen to" category rather than the "mean a lot" category.
1. R.E.M. - Electron Blue
2. Cake - Dime
3. TMBG - Fun Assassin
4. XTC - The Mayor of Simpleton
5. The B-52's - Song for a Future Generation

5. What 3 people are you going to pass this baton to and why?

Hmm. How about youngvanwinkle, timmowarner and vakkotaur.

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