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How to make IMG tags

I've noticed some people on LJ being confused lately about how to make an IMG tag, and thus display an image directly instead of just quoting a URL to it.

The format is:

<img src="[IMAGE URL GOES HERE]" alt="[ALT TEXT HERE]">

Notice that the attribute name is SRC, not SCR. This is what I've seen a lotta people mess up. Maybe they think it's "scr" for "screen" or something, I dunno,
but it's actually SRC for SouRCe.

For added functionality and standards compliance, include the width and height (in pixels):

<img src="[IMAGE URL GOES HERE]" width="[X]" height="[Y]" alt="[ALT TEXT HERE]">

For example, <img src="http://www.conmicro.cx/~kturtle/cartoons/2004/timmosanta.jpg" width="414" height="483" alt="Timmo Warner in a Santa hat"> produces this:

Timmo Warner in a Santa hat

EDIT: Read the comments below for more helpful tips. :}

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