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Famous people I've met

A meme ganked from varro

Ron Stone (former local news anchorman, while waiting in a line at La Guardia)
Emo Philips (comedian, at a comedy club appearance)
Douglas Adams (author, at a book signing)
Chuck Jones (animator, at another book signing)
John Linnell & John Flansburgh (of They Might Be Giants, before a concert at Rice University - got their autographs too!)
Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress Macneille, Maurice Lamarche (voice actors for Animaniacs, at Animanias IV and V, and various voice tours)
Pat Fraley (voice actor, at Animania IV)
Peter S. Beagle (author of The Last Unicorn, at ConFurence 12)
Mike Kazaleh (comic artist, also at ConFurence 12)
Don Bluth (animator, at an art signing)
Toby Bluth (animator, at FC 2003)
Bill Holbrook (comic strip artist, at RCFM 1 in 2003)
Mary Jo Pehl (of MST3K, at MFF 2003)
Heather Alexander (singer/songwriter, at FC 2004)
Alan Dean Foster (SF author, at FC 2005)

Oh and... honorable mention:
Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain (actors, walked right past 'em during Animania IV)

EDIT: And some names I forgot first time around:
Jay Maynard (the Tron guy, I'm a friend of his)
Wil Wheaton (actor/author, at Linucon 2004)

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