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Late nite thots: The word "freak"

It seems to me that the word "freak" is not very useful. It's been used to refer to a whole spectrum of oddness: people with unusual habits, people with odd hobbies, people who dress funny, people who don't groom themselves, people who act weird, people who act creepy and psycho, etc.

The word might be useful if you live in some rigidly conformist society where all those people can "safely" be lumped together because any deviation from the norm is to be shunned as completely unacceptable. But I sure wouldn't wanna live in such a dreary culture. My friends are "freaks" of various types, but the people I avoid are "freaks" of other types. The conventions I go to are veritable "freak-a-thons", but at a con, one may hear comments about "that freak" who's bothering everybody.

It's an extremely overloaded word.

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