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Rant #4

To save time, here's a rant on two combined topics: the noted lack of Timmo on IRC, suggested by </a></b></a>timmowarner, and those dang space robots, proposed by </a></b></a>electronin.

Oh where, oh where has our Timmo Warner gone? He hasn't been seen on IRC in what seems like months and months! I miss him ooo so much. I miss his jocularity and japery, his puffy shirts and three brown stripes, and I miss the funny things his talker turns our words into. I'll bet those dang space robots abducted him! They're always abducting people for mind control purposes. Great, now when we get him back he's going to be some zombified mind-control puppet, and he'll probably try to murder us in our sleep or something. Or worse, he'll feed us to Zogg!

Dang space robots. Give us back our Timmo, with all his Timbits intact!

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