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Rant #2

Next, </a></b></a>nicodemusrat's topic, people with only two arms.

Yeah, what's up with that? Doesn't that make it hard to do stuff? You can't carry as many grocery bags, it's harder to hang a picture, and so on. One thing I hate is when some guy's wrapping a present, and trying to tie a bow, and he says "Hey, KT, can you come over here and hold this down while I tie this?" And I'm all like "*sigh* Oh, VERY well." See, if you had three arms like me, you could just DO it, y'know?

Another problem with two-armed people is that they rule the world! Everything's made for THEM. If I wanna buy gloves, I have to buy two pairs, and then end up not using one glove! I've got a whole drawer full of unused left-handed gloves. Maybe I should find some one-armed guy to give them to. And whenever I go to a furry con and buy the con T-shirt, I have to cut a hole in the side! And then I have to go get it hemmed so it won't unravel! It's a pain in the SIDE, I tellya!

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