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Rant #1

First up, one of yakko's topics: "Viruses" vs. "virii".

How the hell did the whole "virii" thing get started anyway? Why do people think the Latin ending "-us" becomes "-ii" in the plural? It doesn't. It becomes "-i". Plurals in "-ii" are only like that because the singular ends in "-ius"! Like radius -> radii. This is the sort of thing that's very easy to notice if you just PAY ATTENTION and READ CAREFULLY. What, you think letters and words are just some sort of "meaning sauce" that you can just slather liberally like peanut butter or something? Noooo!

So, what, does this mean the plural of "virus" is "viri"? Well actually no it's not, but you kinda have to know Latin to understand why. See, "virus" is a fourth-declension noun weird anomalous word with no plural form. Apparently it means "poison".

So anyway, the only proper English plural of "virus" is "viruses". That's right, plain old boring VIRUSES. Learn it and DEAL!

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