A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Some brief notes on FC

Okay so lessee...

I arrived in town on Tuesday. Planned to spend Tuesday and Wednesday sightseeing. Sightseeing consisted mainly of sleeping off the jetlag, having dinner at Fung Lum with keeper1st and akseawolf, buying groceries, and going to the mall with dour and aatheus. Funniest thing at the mall: CHILDREN'S INTIMATE APPAREL!

I mostly had fun, but I was plagued by several schedule conflicts. Having missed Dr. Jane & Cynthia last year, I was determined to see them this year, even at the expense of the Masquerade. I hope the Masquerade will be on the DVD. At least FC also has a separate Variety Show (which I determinedly did NOT miss).

Iron Artist and 2 the Gryphon on at the SAME time?! I'm sure this was a completely unavoidable situation. Still, argh!

The Variety Show was fun, too... although, yeah, unfortunately I'm not one of those people who loves bellydancing. I'm indifferent to it. And this bellydancing number was loooooong. I enjoyed the rest of the show, though, including the referee coyotes beer-commercial-ishly stopping the Macarena, and the laundromat romance sketch.

Monday night, I got invited to a special private laser show. Y'know those laser shows they have at planetariums? It was just like that. ...Except that we then got to sit facing the laser machine, in a smoke-filled room, and watch the lasers make 3-D sheets of colored light in the air around us! It was, literally, AWESOME.

Yesterday, I took I-280 back up to SFO instead of US 101. The scenery is much prettier on that route. Like I said in the previous post, my flight was delayed, putting me on a later connecting flight out of Phoenix. I had time to sit and have dinner in Sky Harbor (which I think is, like, the coolest airport name ever!) And I didn't get home till half past 2 am.

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