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My version of a currently popular meme

First sentence of my first post of each month in 2004:

Happy New York, everybody! OK so I was looking over the schedule from this year's FC, to help sort my 17 sets of photos... and I suddenly noticed that there was, at some point, a Dr. Jane concert! Oh yeah, and in response to the Oscars last night, this particular usericon is definitely called for! XGLLJXHCUT TEXXTXIIXTXUDAMNXC XUI CANXAT TYPE XUHXUTXUMXUL WITHOUT ANGLE BRACKETSXPXPXPXTXGR XUTHE TEXXT OF THIS MSESAGE IS GOING TO BE A BIT CONFUSINGXC BECAUSE XUIXAM WRITING IT ON A XBUMB TERMINALXP I won't be on IRC tonight (until late, if at all) because I'll be meeting up with some local furs at Dave & Buster's. Still no Internet. I have begun uploading the Ohio Morphicon #1 diary. I did it! Woohoo! Creating this entry and putting this link in it so I can add it to my memories: http://www.rosequoll.com/lj.html Oklacon was lotsa fun! New picture: "If KT had named the 50 States".

Last sentence of my last post of each month in 2004:

FUCK THE SUPERBOWL! Thank you. I'd post one of those "Bissextile marriage is love" colorbar thingies, but I'm about to run out the door and get fish tacos... to celebrate Bissextile Day! (I have this problem understanding speech if there's background noise, or if the guy speaks too fast.) All four possibilities now exist! Talk to you later, I guess. I feel sad that the FBI probably won't have the authority to smash the kid's machine with a sledgehammer and dance on his face while wearing golf shoes, the course of action I would have recommended. This is one of the funniest ones in the whole collection. The depressed feeling you get when you fall in love with a new product and then they stop selling it. I'm just wondering what sort of dirty jokes a piece of frozen water would tell. :} Time for me to pack my bags and then get some sleep so I can drive all the way across Texas and into Oklahoma tomorrow! Added another picture to the cartoons page: Northpaw goes two-headed. С Новым Годом!

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