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omg wtf

Hmm. Seems there's this community called _wtf__, which seems to be one of those "stamping" communities you may or may not have heard about. (Apparently they ask you to submit an application and some pictures of yourself, and if they like you, they "stamp" you and you get to join. Basically an online version of high school cliques.)

The community itself looks pointless, but what amuses me is the default icon. http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=_wtf__
The icon says "HIGHLIGHTING THIS ICON WILL MAKE YOU LOOK EXTREMELY STUPID". I highlighted it in Firefox, but saw nothing unusual; Firefox highlights images by putting a uniform blue tinge across them.

In Internet Explorer, though, something interesting happens: IE highlights images by blacking out every other pixel in a fine checkerboard pattern. When that happens, the words "YOU FELL FOR THAT? DUMB CUNT."

The concealment method is as clever as the insult isn't. :}

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