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Computer problems

Remember my earlier post where I thought my old monitor was having trouble starting?

Well, it's not the monitor. It's the computer. And it's gotten worse. My computer is harder to start than a #%$%$&* LAWNMOWER!
I hit the power switch on the UPS. The monitor comes on, and the button light goes yellow. I hit the power button on the computer. It starts whirring, and then it makes that faint rising "wheeeee-*click*" sound, at which point the monitor's supposed to turn its power light green and start displaying stuff.

But it doesn't! The light stays yellow, the screen stays black.

And the reset button on the front doesn't work. I have no idea why; it has no effect at all. So I turn off the computer using the switch on the back of the case. I turn it back on. I hit the power button on the front to power the thing up again. Same result: no picture.

I repeat this process SIX or SEVEN TIMES. (I am not exaggerating.)

FINALLY it works, and if I'm LUCKY, it gets all the way through its hardware test, and I finally get to start doing stuff (like posting this message!)

I need help!

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