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New monitor!

My old monitor was causing problems. At least I think it was the monitor.

Y'know how the monitor turns on, but the light on the power button is yellow for a few seconds, until it gets synched up (or whatever) with the computer, and then it turns green and displays a picture? Well, I started having a really hard time getting the light to turn green. It wouldn't come on, and I didn't know what to do about it except powercycle the whole works, and it wouldn't come on again, and again, but then finally it would! Then the computer wouldn't finish its hardware check that it does right at the beginning, and I'd have to try again. It was a PAIN.

So I bought this new monitor and set it up, and turned everything on, and... the light stayed yellow. Argh. Fortunately I only had to powercycle *once* this time. Aargh, don't tell me it was the computer's fault all along!

So anyway it's 17" and I increased the resolution to 1280x1024, and it looks great! It's the kind where there's no physical object, just a big rectangle of light hovering in the air over the desk. It's really cool; I can put my hand through it!

Just kidding. Actually it's a ViewSonic LCD screen.

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