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Last night I had a dream with lots of fursuiters in it! First, my friends Jon and Wilford came to my house in fursuit (they also happen to be on LiveJournal, so I'll give their names as jon_helfrich and wbwolf here even though they don't actually have fursuits), and later when I saw them out of suit, I jokingly said, "Eek! Human-headed creatures!) Later they invited a bunch of other fursuiters to my house... and still later I found myself in a big building, in the second-floor balcony-type area overlooking the main grand dance hall atrium area... and there were still more fursuiters up there, hanging around and whatnot! It was cool! And there was this guy dressed as a fly, sitting rather precariously on the edge of the balcony, and when I accidentally dropped my camera over the side, he climbed down the wall to get it for me... but he couldn't see out of his fly suit very well, and when I came down the stairs I saw him scuttling back and forth, like a fly, looking for the camera, which I spotted behind him, not far from another camera someone else had dropped. Hmm, camera trap? The floor the cameras were on was mostly empty because it was actually an unused ice skating rink, from which the ice had melted and drained away, leaving a little puddle here and there.

Other stuff that happened in the dream: I was picking all the blue slope pieces out of a small pile of grimy, dusty Legos out in the garage, discarding the occasional piece that turned out not to be a blue slope but, say, a wooden spoon... also I was reenacting a darker version of "Duck Soup", in the role of Groucho, as a guy who's been appointed dictator of some small country, but if he can't do a good job as dictator, they're going to kill him! Also an ad for some sort of flexible plastic slide toy for the yard, a sort of cross between a real playground slide and a Slip 'n Slide.

Don't I have the weirdest dreams? :}

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