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Today I went to a furry gathering! It turned out to be a rather small one, only five of us. (There were two other guys there at first, but they had to leave early.)

We went to the Edwards Marq*E entertainment complex, where we had lunch and then later in the day went and saw "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events". It's a fun movie! Very mad-Gothic. After the movie, we went over to Paracelsus's house to hang out. I ordered pizza, Ludwig brought cake (and had to go back out because I'd asked him to pick me up some Dr Pepper but he forgot to get some... thanks, Ludwig! I appreciate the effort you went to.) We watched some Looney Tunes on DVD and furry po-- ...er, furry art on the computer.
Aah, heck with it. We looked at FURRY PORN, yes we did! Deal with it, pro-censorship types!

Then I came home and uploaded a picture I've been working on lately:
(Yes, her name is Fox despite the fact that she's a skunk. It's a family name. Heck, there are humans named Fox, so why not skunks?)

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