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Oh yeah so anyway I was going to elaborate on the differences between the kidneystone attacks at MFF and Fu's (Fu being the guy Nakko moved in with)... At MFF I had the hotel call an ambulance, and the doctors drugged me up with morphine and gave me a CAT scan (which was totally unnecessary and freakin' expensive, sheesh... I wish I'd told them to skip it)... whereas at Fu's I passed the stone without benefit of doctors, pills, or indeed anything more than several glasses of water. I no longer fear kidneystones. I mean, I still hate them and they still hurt, but I'm not gonna panic over them like I did at MFF.

Oh and speaking of operating heavy machinery, I just remembered that I was supposed to move my car today... the folks across the street had a garage sale yesterday, and when I came home from the NOW meeting Mom and I went to, there were two cars parked in front of our house, so I had to park in front of the next-door neighbor's house.
Well, I guess I better wait for the hydrocodone to wear off before I move the car. Mmmm... starting to feel a bit loopy and fuzzy...
Loopy and Fuzzy! Great idea for a cartoon show title! Follow the adventures of Loopy the Wolf and Fuzzy the Fox as they, uhh... steal meeces or hate pic-a-nic baskets to pieces or something.

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