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Just got back from Midwest Furfest!

It was fun, although once again I missed a few good things. But never mind the negatives. It was fun!

The high point was getting to do a drawing in bluerain's sketchbook. I drew Millie shaving Ozy (yet again), and Ozy then playing Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and singing the chorus of "Boy in the Well" from R.E.M.'s latest album, backed by Millie as Mike Mills and Rain himself as Peter Buck. I then found out while showing it to several people that most of them are not very familiar with R.E.M. (bluerain is a big fan, though, and he loved it!)

Getting back home was not too hard, despite all the rain. But when we were landing and I saw all the water on the ground, my first thought was that I picked the right weekend to leave town, but the wrong day to come back.


Aff aff aff!

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