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Incredibles and MFF

Oh, I totally forgot to mention that I saw The Incredibles twice this week. Love it love it! Well-written, funny and cool! And John Ratzenberger gets another voice in, although he's a little hard to recognize because he doesn't sound like Cliff Clavin this time. I forgot to look for the Pizza Planet truck, though...

In other news, I'll be at Midwest Furfest. This time I'm flying. I plan to have lots of fun, and...

Hmm. Con diaries. I've got a lot of unfinished con diaries. I'm pondering finishing them off as sequences of illustrations with the gaps filled in with text, rather than the comic-style narratives I've been doing up till now. Or something like that. We'll see.

(And no, my scanner still isn't usable. I'll soon get help fixing the problem, from either bibliophage or youngvanwinkle.)

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