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At the supermarket today, in the foreign foods aisle, I found a candy bar from Nestlé called Yorkie. It appears to be British in origin. The striking thing about it is the slogan: "It's Not For Girls!" The O in "YORKIE" is a red slashed-circle "no" symbol with a girl figure inside who looks like the international symbol for "women's restroom" except she's holding a handbag and has a hand on one hip.

No explanation of why the candy bar is not for girls. I'm about to open it and try to find out.

Looks like a typical chocolate bar divided into segments, except the rectangular "mesas" on the segments are unusually tall.

It's made of solid milk chocolate. No unusual fillings, no strange taste (except for the slightly odd flavor all British chocolate seems to have).

However, I see no reason why a girl couldn't eat it, unless maybe she were on a diet or she were one of those girls from really bad anime with impossibly tiny mouths.

Good though! Mmmm...

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