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Just got back from seeing TRON. Wow, that movie's a lot longer than I remembered!

Jay was there as the TRON Guy to greet the audience and answer questions. Drabek was there, too! I sat next to him, and Mom sat on my other side. For dinner, I ordered a burger, which was good except for the chipotle mayonnaise. Good grief, they found a way to make mayonnaise spicy. Why does EVERYTHING have to be spicy?!

There are two in-jokes in the movie that I'm aware of, and this time I spotted them both! In one scene where Sark's in the command center room thingy, you can see Pac-Man on the big screen behind him. And in one scene where the beamship is traveling over the landscape, it passes over a large mesa, too big to be seen all at once, but if you watch carefully, you can see that its top surface is in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head.

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