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Neve & Glitz

xydexx has a link to an article about the mascots for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics:
Apparently the mascots are an anthropomorphic snowball named Neve and block of ice named Glitz. What I find especially funny about this article, though, is the expressions on the costumes in that photo. It looks like Neve and Glitz are sharing a dirty joke!

Don'tcha think so? I can just hear them...

Neve: "Oh, STOP! You are just incorrigible!"
Glitz: "Aaah, ya know you love it! I got a million of 'em. Wanna hear another?"
Neve: "You bad boy, you're gonna get us in trouble! ...Sure, let's hear it!"

I'm just wondering what sort of dirty jokes a piece of frozen water would tell. :}

Edit 2006-02-11: Apparently the name is spelled Gliz, not Glitz. I guess it's still pronounced "Glitz", though.

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