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Me goed to Anthrocon!

I got back from AC yesterday, but I had tons of email and things to catch up on, so I didn't get around to writing anything about it. But now! I'm working on a cartoon diary of AC, but it'll be awhile before it's finished, and I may not even get started putting it up until tomorrow, so here's a quick non-cartoon-format report:

Traveled to Philly on Thursday. Met Lou Leghorn at the airport, and he drove me and Kamber, another furry on the same flight, to the Adam's Mark. Got checked in, met Egg LeFume with whom I would be sharing my room, and then wandered around, talking to furries and seeing who I could recognize. Went to TGI Friday's for dinner. In the evening, there was a mixer, with free pretzels, and then there was karaoke! I sang "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" (I was probably the only one there who would've attempted that!). Lou sang "Top of the World" by the Carpenters.

Friday, I sat in the lobby and met prismo, the magic koala. He had with him the Wand of Hygiene (a bar of Lever 2000 on a stick). Just wave it at fanboys! I browsed Artist Alley and the Dealer's Den. I bought a fox tail! People started telling me turtles don't have fox tails. Well, they can if they're willing to spend the money! I got photographed by a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer wearing the tail. (I was, not the reporter.) In the evening, there was Furry Mad Libs, with stories about Anthrocon (funniest line: "Uncle Kage and his horde of drug dealers..."), and ImprovFursation, which I joined in. We did some basic improv exercises that would come in handy Saturday night. Then I went to "Film at 11", hosted by Protius, who showed film footage he'd shot at past cons.

Saturday, I went back to the Dealer's Den and bought a tiger tail! Nobody told me I couldn't wear a tiger tail because now they were intimidated! Raaaar! :} At 1:30 was Uncle Kage's Story Hour, which mostly concerned his business trip to France. The early Sunday edition of the Philly Inquirer came out, with a picture of my butt on page B4! (The story was riddled with errors, though, such as calling Uncle Kage a 'rat'.) Went to Chun Hing for dinner, and as I was leaving, a group of furries came in, a gazelle with them! (He took off his gazelle mask to eat, of course.) Then there was the Masquerade, followed by a fursuit photo shoot, which was supposed to be in one of the event rooms but sort of spilled out into the hallway. At 10 pm was Comedy Club, with Adric Verminus opening for 2_gryphon. Afterwards was ImprovFursation, which I signed up for, and for which Friday's basic games came in handy. I impersonated Madonna at one point!

Sunday, I wanted to see the Invention Faire, but it had already been dismantled after being judged. Foo. Went and saw the Art Show then. At noon was the Fursuit Parade. There were so many fursuiters, they couldn't all fit on the hallway stairs for the photo shoot! More and more just kept COMING! Then I went to Denny's, where I hooked up with a group of furries, mostly from the Netherlands. Back at the hotel, it was Furry Mad Libs again, this time with furry versions of TV and movie genres (the best line was in the furry horror story, a parody of Scooby Doo, featuring Rooby Roo, a kangaroo who could "explode almost like a human": "Fuzzy said, 'I'll stay here with Rooby and we'll be heterosexual.'") Then it was time for closing ceremonies, at which Uncle Kage had a grim fate in store for him: he had foolishly promised that if the Charity Auction raised more than $15,000 (or some such number, I need to check my audio notes), he'd have his head shaved into a Mohawk. And wouldn'tcha know it, everybody had to be jerks and go and raise more than $15,000 for charity! So we watched as Kage had the sides of his head shaved off! (Er, just the hair, that is.) Ah pity th' foo! After that, Lou and I discovered a room party about to start across the hall, with some people whose names I know from TTA fandom: HKUriah, Thorne, Nefaria, Jimu, and Babs Bunny whom I'd met at Midwest Furfest, and some other folks. They invited us in and we had pizza and did a lot of drawings in each other's sketchbooks!

Monday, Lou drove me back to the airport, and I flew home. The flight was nice and uneventful, except for my stomach starting to get upset. I got home and got online, and thanks to my unhappy stomach, I had nothing but toast for supper.

Despite that, though, I had fun! I looooooove furry cons. Heck, I love furries! Hi, furries, I love alla you! *mwa* *mwa* *mwa*


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