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They're everywhere!

I went out today in search of more Fluxx Blanxx. I didn't find any, but I had two interesting encounters...

There's this new Ben & Jerry's shop on Kirby Drive. I decided to go in for a scoop of Primary Berry Graham. I was wearing my T-shirt from Ohio Morphicon, and the guy behind the counter asked if I was a fan of anthropomorphic animal art. Why yes, yes I am!

One of the places I looked for Fluxx Blanxx was a store downtown called Brown Book Store. It was listed on the Looney Labs website as one of the places in Houston that carries Fluxx. It doesn't look it, though; they mostly sell technical manuals. I browsed around a bit, then decided to ask. The lady behind the desk didn't know what I was talking about, so she asked another guy who worked there. He said they didn't have any Fluxx or Fluxx Blanxx cards in stock, but they could order some. I told him I'd try some other places first, thanked him and walked out. And as I headed out the door, I think I heard him say, "Always glad to help out a fellow congoer." Congoer?? OMG he's a furry!!! Either that or some of his friends are.

So anyway, I didn't get any cards today. But I did come home this evening and help Mom cook some deeeeelicious fish! Orange roughy.

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