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The Ultimate Fluxx Deck

Here are the specifics on the Ultimate Fluxx Deck, as created by me using Fluxx Blanxx and as seen at Mephit Furmeet 8.



  • X=2X: Any time a numeral appears on a card, its value is doubled. For example, 2 becomes 4, while two remains two. (This card and X=X+1, called the "math cards", conflict with each other, so when one is in effect, discard it when playing the other.)
  • Hold 4: If it is not your turn, you must have exactly 4 cards in your hand, drawing or discarding as necessary.
  • Hold Seven: If it is not your turn, you must have exactly seven cards in your hand, drawing or discarding as necessary. (Note that this card is not affected by the math cards.)
  • Furry Con Bonus: If you are playing Fluxx in a public place (such as at a furry con) and a stranger asks about the game, everyone draws 1 card.


  • Greedy Bastard: Start a new discard pile with this card. Take the old discard pile and add all the cards in it to your hand. Your turn ends immediately, you greedy bastard.
  • Waste Not Want Not: Start a new discard pile with this card. Take the old discard pile, shuffle it, and deal the cards out evenly to all players.
  • Let's Have Some Action: Every player must give you one Action card from their hand, if possible. Play them all.
  • Fast-Track Legislation: Find the New Rule card closest to the top of the draw pile, play it, and reshuffle the draw pile if necessary. If there are no New Rule cards in the draw pile, use the discard pile.
  • Double Everyone's Hand: Each player draws as many cards as he holds in his hand.


  • The Finger
  • The Fox
  • Music
  • Sex
  • Sweden


  • Accident in the Home: The Toaster + Death
  • Furry Porn: The Fox + Sex
  • Gimme Money (That's What I Want): Money + Music
  • Hjärnan (pronounced YAIR-nan): The Brain + Sweden
  • I Want My MTV: Music + the Television
  • Kärlek (pronounced SHAIR-leck): Love + Sweden
  • Masturbation: The player who has Sex in his hand and the Moon on the table wins.
  • Pinky & the Brain: The Finger + the Brain
  • Småkakar (pronounced SMO-cock-ar): Cookies + Sweden
  • Starfox Adventures: The Fox + the Rocket
  • You Sick Pervert: Sex + the Toaster (exact wording: The player who has Sex with the Toaster on the table wins.)


  1. WHEN IN DOUBT, READ THE CARD OUT LOUD. Read it carefully, out loud to all the players at the table. Disputes about what precise effects the cards have can practically always be resolved this way. And by the way, when someone else is reading a card out loud, please be quiet so everyone can hear.
  2. PLAY TO HAVE FUN, NOT TO WIN. That's right. Winning is not the most important aspect of this game. This is Fluxx, not poker. The fun of the game is watching the chaos unfold before your eyes as the rules change left and right. Who wins is a side issue. So don't sit there staring at your cards, trying to calculate which card has the maximum win/lose probability ratio or whatever. Keep it moving!
  3. FLUXX IS ONLY FUN IF EVERYONE'S INVOLVED. Part of the fun is watching what cards the other players play, and what effects they have. "WAKE ME WHEN IT'S MY TURN" is the WRONG attitude. Sometimes the cards combine to give the other guy a large hand and a very long turn, playing card after card after card. If this does not sound appealing, then Fluxx is not for you. In fact, if you find your attention wandering from the game a lot, do everyone a favor. Please discard your hand and leave the table.
(Points 2 and 3 can be summarized as: "Don't take the game too seriously" and "Don't NOT take the game seriously enough".)

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