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Here we go with another ridiculous MAD LJ SURVEY!


1. What brand of toothpaste do you use? -- Crest, Colgate, whatever's lying around that begins with C.
2. When you put on your shoes do you put on both of your socks and then your shoes, or do you put on one sock and one shoe and then the other sock and the other shoe? -- Both socks first.
3. What brand of shampoo do you use? -- Neutrogena.
4. Do you use conditioner? -- Nope.
5. What kind of soap do you use in the shower? -- Camay.
6. Do you prefer showers or baths? -- Baths are more relaxing and nicer, but if I wanna actually get clean, I need to take a shower.
7. Do you always wash your hands after you use the bathroom? -- Yup.
8. Do you wash your hands with bar soap or soft soap? -- Um, usually I just use water.
9. Who's your favorite Beatle? -- Aww I can't choose! They're all so cool, in different ways!
10. Who's your favorite child actor? -- Oh, Haley Joel Osment, I guess.
11. Who's your favorite animal actor? -- Zig Zag.
12. What brand of spaghetti sauce do you like best? -- The meat sauce Olive Garden uses.
13. What brand of tennis shoes do you like most? -- I don't wear 'em, I wear loafers.
14. Do you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person? -- Cat cat kitty kitty cat! ...person.
15. What's the last game you played on your computer? -- FreeCell.
16. What's the last board game you played and who did you play with? -- Board game? Ooo I dunno. Been awhile.
17. Do you own any game consoles/systems? If so, which ones? -- I got a used Playstation that I bought so I'd be able to play Parappa and Um Jammer Lammy... maybe someday I'll get around to that.
18. Have you ever chatted in a chat room? If yes, what kind of chat room was it, and did you enjoy the experience? -- Yes! IRC. EFnet #animaniacs in early 1995, which moved and became DALnet #watertower in mid-1995. A few years later, #warnercafe split off from #watertower. Still later, #watertower moved to its own network, WTnet, and #warnercafe later moved there as well. Then #bohemia split off from #warnercafe, and here we are.
19. Name three possesions that you couldn't live without? -- Hmm... my wallet, my car, and my sketchbook.
20. What color are your bedsheets? -- I got a white one, a blue one, and a yellow one. o/` And they're all made outta ticky-tacky and they all look just the same. o/` :}
21. How many fingers am I holding up? -- 4 1/2. Ouch, what happened to you?
22. Do you wear glasses or contacts or neither? -- Glasses, but I only need them to drive or read movie credits.
23. Have you/would you ever try those contacts that change the color of your eyes? If you have tried them, what color did you try? -- Naah, I hate sticking stuff in my eye.
24. What's the last show you watched on T.V.? -- Hmm. Prob'ly an ep of Junkyard Wars, or maybe The Avengers while Dad was watching it.
25. Do you live on your own? If not, who do you live with and what is their relationship to you? -- Oi live with me mum an' dad.
26. Name three smells that you really enjoy? -- Fresh bread, fried fish, and chocolate pudding being cooked.
27. Do you own any slippers? If so, what do they look like? -- Just this glass one some handsome prince put on my foot once.
28. Do you like to ride rollercoasters? -- I used to, but now I don't fit into 'em anymore, what with all the overprotective padding they use and me being all big and fat.
29. Have you ever considered suicide? -- Nope!
30. Name three of your favorite hobbies? -- Drawing cartoons & furry art, building stuff outta Legos, and the internet.

That was fun!

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