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Kraftwerk makes me go ohhhhh

I was just listening to Kraftwerk's "The Mix" album, and I idly started looking up lyrics*... and then I discovered that the lyrics to "Autobahn" go like:

Wir fahr'n, fahr'n, fahr'n auf der Autobahn (We drive, drive, drive on the Autobahn)

Ohhhhhhhhh! I had thought they were singing "The fun, fun, fun of the Autobahn".

Well, now we know.

(BTW, the chorus of robots singing vibrato falsetto trills near the end of that track is a wonderful thing that is simultaneously beautiful and goofy!)

*I first looked up the lyrics to "Dentaku", the Japanese version of "Pocket calculator". Heh, one site author called the track "Denta Ku", not realizing that the word is actually broken up into kanji as "DEN-TAKU", which means roughly "electric table".

Freshen your breath with minty fresh Denta Ku!

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