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So, for the first time, the day is saved!...

Went and saw the Powerpuff Girls movie today! Fun stuff. It's the origin story of the girls, as well as of Mojo Jojo. The animation looks just like on TV, but better! More dramatic. Nice-looking perspective effects and CGI elements here and there. Weird stuff, too, taking place before all the major characters have discovered their roles as we know them! The girls blithely tearing up Townsville as they play high-energy tag, Jojo tricking the girls into building his mountaintop lab for him, etc. And an interesting extra-fast version of the closing theme song during the credits!

Trailers seen at the beginning:
Spy Kids (looks like fun! The first Spy Kids movie was bizarre in a good way.)
VeggieTales: Jonah (never seen VeggieTales... I hear it's made by a Christian company; hope it's not, y'know, preachy...)
Country Bears (ugh, the trailer makes it look horribly unfunny... but it's directed by Peter Hastings, late of Animaniacs; maybe another case of trailer being misleading?)
Stuart Little (Snowbell exclaiming "I'm gonna be falcon poop!" is waaay too close to David Arquette crying "I'm covered in dog poop!" from See Spot Run for me.)
The Wild Thornberries Movie (never seen the Wild Thornberries on TV...)

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