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My but it's been a Disney day today

Over at the shopping plaza where the Kroger is, there are these decorated statues of Mickey Mouse. You've heard of Cincinnati's Big Pig Gig, or Houston's Cow Parade? Disney went and did the same thing with Mickey. There are these statues of Mickey painted and decorated in a variety of ways. There's Mickey in a raincoat holding an umbrella, Mickey as Davy Crockett, a rather odd Texas-themed Mickey with shorts painted like the Lone Star flag, and the rest of him painted as sky with clouds (I guess to represent the Big Sky Country of the plains). I went and photographed them today.

(There's also one where Mickey is supposed to look like some sort of videogame-themed robot or something. As I was leaving Kroger yesterday, I caught a glimpse of it and thought maybe it was Tron Mickey, which would've been great to get a picture of for </a></b></a>jmaynard, but nope, wasn't Tron, sadly.)

After I got home, I watched the first episode of the Disney Channel's new series, "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers". Brandy's a spoiled, pampered pet dog, and Mr. Whiskers is a scruffy riffraffy rabbit. The two characters end up stranded in the jungle together and form an unlikely friendship. The show is rather amusing, but rather unrelentingly frenetic so today's speed-addled kids won't change the channel. Ooo, and the voice of Mr. Whiskers is Charlie Adler! (Gee, what a stretch!)

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