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Yaay my car has a CD player now! Also: Ya put yer *weed* in there.

No more lugging along my cobbled-together car sound system of portable CD player + adapter + boombox! I went to a stereo place (Tweeter on Kirby) and got a real onboard CD player installed today.

I actually selected and paid for it yesterday, but then the guy told me it might take 1 - 2 hours to put it in, because my Chevy Cavalier is built such that the entire dashboard must be disassembled to change the electronics. And by that time, it was close to 6 pm and I wanted to get home.

So I went back today, showed 'em the receipt, gave 'em my spare key, and went next door to Einstein Bros. Bagels to wait, and maybe have a snack. I was surprised & delighted to find out Einstein Bros. does sandwiches as well! So I got a Black Forest ham on challah bread. (Took forever to pay for it because the cashier was new & not fully trained yet, and then it took forever for the lady with the annoyingly noisy 2-year-old brat-girl-thing to leave, but then finally yay, peace, quiet, & food.)

An hour and a half later, my car was ready! I got an Alpine CD player with a detachable control panel (I can take the control panel with me, leaving the CD player invisible, and useless to would-be thieves.) And it works! I listened to "The Spine" while driving to the Galleria.

Other things I did yesterday before buying the CD deck:

- Went back to Horizon Games and bought their last pack of Fluxx Blanxx (I ended up with two blank Keepers and no Goal cards! Need more!) and a deck of Stoner Fluxx (thought I'd see what it's like. It's got several weed-specific cards).

- Went to Academy to buy a replacement bulb for my big 3-D-cell Maglite. There was a replacement bulb in the base, but of course now that it's been used to replace the burnt-out bulb, it needs replacing.

- Went to Amy's to use the bathroom, then get a milkshake and look at the Stoner Fluxx cards. There are pot-related cards of all four types, including:

- - Action: Busted! (All Weed keepers and Toke rules in play are discarded.)
- - Action: Uh... What Were We Just Doing? (Collect up all players' hands, the current Goal, and the discard pile, reshuffle the deck and deal each player a new hand of three cards.)
- - Toke cards, such as "Everybody toke!" and "Weed bonus".
- - Three Weed keepers.
- - Several food keepers, such as Pizza, Nachos, etc., all marked with a cartoon speech balloon saying "Dude! It's food!"
- - The Good Music keeper.
- - Two Friend keepers. One's a guy and the other's a girl. The guy looks a bit like </a></b></a>jdm314 (but not like </a></b></a>keeper1st). :}
The deck lacks such fun cards as X = X+1 and Reverse Direction, but I suppose keeping track of such rules is too hard when you're stoned. :} There are also several informative cards about the unfairness and unconstitutionality of the current drug laws.
(For the record, I never touch the stuff myself. If I play Stoner Fluxx with anybody, I think we'll substitute soda or candy or something for when the Toke cards are played.)

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