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TSA-approved locks

Yesterday, while shopping for a new shoulder bag, I found out that there are these new luggage locks you can buy that are TSA-approved. "Travel Sentry certified", it says on the packaging. It's a combination lock, with three numbered wheels, but it also has an extra little triangular keyhole in the bottom that a TSA agent can use to open it without having to cut it off.

Now, my first impression was, "A lock that the government can open whenever they want? No thanks!"

But while I was at the Container Store today, I saw some more of these locks, and I thought, well, the alternative is to have no lock on your luggage at all, so... why the heck not. So I got two.

Anybody know anything about these? Are they worth it? Are there any kinds of safeguards in place to keep some disgruntled TSA agent from abusing his power and stealing my furry art?

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