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Fluxx Blanxx, new saxx, bowling, and smelling of smoxx

I did it! I found Fluxx Blanxx cards! I had to go to a gaming store all the way down in Webster, TX, near where </a></b></a>shell524 and </a></b></a>sky used to live. Then I drove waaaaay over to Katy, TX, where I had a couple of hours to kill, so I went to Katy Mills Mall and looked for a new shoulder bag. The one I have is nice, but I've been getting tired of that big flap that folds over the top which has to be latched and unlatched. I found a nice one which I hope will work.

Around 6:45, I headed out to go to the AMF West Houston bowling alley to play bowling* with some local** furry friends. We bowled a few sets, some of us even got strikes (I got two strikes in a row at one point!), the lights went down and the disco lights started playing, and eventually we got tired of bowling.

Me, I was sick of the smoke, so I said goodbye and left. Ugh, this may be the last time I ever go to a bowling alley. I hate cigarette smoke.

Except for that, though, I had fun! Can't wait to start making up my own Fluxx cards!

*Do you like bowling? Let's play bowling! Breaking down the pins and get hot communication.
**For suitably distant values of "local".

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