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Y'know, almost every time the topic of how outsiders treat furry fandom comes up, someone will post a long essay about how the fandom's problems come entirely from within, and it will invariably end with some variation of "If you're wondering why people hate furries, just look in a mirror."

So I thought, hmm, let's try it. I looked in a mirror... and I saw... someone who has never gone to a convention unbathed or in dirty or worn-out clothes, or for that matter in any kind of fetish gear... someone who has never talked about the private intimate details of his life to a reporter... someone who does not post whiny immature comments in flamewars about the fandom... someone who has made lots of friends and had lots of fun since he found this fandom... someone whom a lot of people seem to genuinely like.

Gee, that didn't work!

Hmm, maybe the people who say such things have strange mirrors. Like, it's got "BLAME THE VICTIM" printed across the glass in huge letters. Or it makes everyone look ugly, and they assume that everyone else's mirror does the same thing. Or maybe they're using the wrong word, and meant "window" or "computer screen" or "gas tank" or something.

Oh well, time to rig the mirror with explosives and tie it to the back of a remote-controlled racecar, and then declare this myth... BUSTED!

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