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Card hunter

Sadly it seems that there's nowhere anymore in the Galleria to buy Fluxx.

THE GALLERIA: The big fancy mall in Houston, Texas.

FLUXX: A fun chaotic card game in which the cards you play keep changing the rules. The first two panels of this page have a brief description of how to play.

So anyway, I bought a Fluxx deck at the Store of Knowledge in the Galleria, a cool store that sold games, puzzles, books, toys, all kindsa cool stuff.

One day, it closed down.

It was replaced with a calendar store that, much to my delight, sold some of the same cool games and puzzles.

It closed down too, and has been replaced with a store called... "Texas and the Territories". Ecch. Instead of cool stuff, they have Texas-shaped limestone paperweights, and coasters decorated with drawings of cowboys and cattle skulls, and jars of salsa, and copies of "Whut makes yew thank Tayexuns tawk funny?", a tongue-in-cheek Texas dictionary.

Now, back to Fluxx... I already have a Fluxx deck, but now I want to find something made by the same company: Fluxx Blanxx, a deck of partially blank Fluxx cards on which you can write your own new rules, actions, keepers and goals. I've got some ideas in mind... I must have this!

But I looked all over the Galleria... Brookstone doesn't have 'em, Kid & Kaboodle doesn't have 'em, the Discovery Channel store doesn't have 'em, the Rand McNally store doesn't have 'em, Sharper Image doesn't have 'em... Kay Bee Toys probably didn't have 'em, but it's a moot point because they closed too anyway.

I'll have to try outside the Galleria. Maybe Toys 'Я' Us or a comic book store will have them.

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