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Another first kiss till my head falls off, yeh yeh

Hot on the heels of their latest album The Spine, They Might Be Giants are already working on a sequel, tentatively titled "The Spine Part 2". Here's the track listing for it:

  • Hollywood Remake

  • Spine3

  • Pink Slip from Human Resources

  • Looking Like an Idiot Because It Stopped Raining

  • Postvenge

  • Hangover

  • Called the Cops on that Bastard

  • The World After A While Ago

  • Gift Shop of Idiots

  • It's Wearin' Off

  • Spine: Resurrection

  • Same To You, Pal

  • Damn, Good Times Are Over

  • Glued Back Together

  • Loaf of Bread

  • I Can't Hide From My Libido Either


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